All GP/Delavan AgSpray products are warranted against manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials under normal use (see warranty). In the event you feel you have a warranty-covered, returnable item, be sure to get an authorization-to-return number, and show it clearly on the outside of the packaged item. Otherwise, the shipment will be refused and returned at your expense. "Authorization-to-return" forms and numbers are available from the customer service representative at GP/Delavan AgSpray Products

Pump Returns (Warranty or Repair)

Please note: Since pumps can contain residues of toxic chemicals, please follow these steps before returning Dalavan pumps for repair or warranty checks:
1.  Flush chemical residue from pump (best done by farmer/user in field).
2.  Tag pump with type chemicals having been sprayed.
3.  Include complete description of operating problem, such as how pump was used, symptoms of malfunction, etc.
4.  Pumps are not warranted for useful life.
These steps are necessary to protect all the people who handle the return shipments, and to help us pinpoint the reason for a breakdown.